relearning learning

wow that’s a pretty good question. i believe it calls for a meaningless metaphor: learning to code is like trying to dry off in a bucket of water.

or maybe it’s like trying to drink from the ocean but having to dry off in the fire.

i don’t know, but it’s rather infinite and challenging.

learning other skills is really not quite like coding. coding is always evolving, always imperfect, always incomplete. it always builds on itself. it is built on limitations, yet knows no limitations. it is like trying to convince yourself that your alphabet soup really can solve for x.

2.When frustration comes up how do you be with it? What’s your course of action?

it kind of depends how close i am to other people (or animals for that matter). sometimes i like to yell at no one in particular, and then try and trace that deficiency back to something concrete so i can hate productively :)

in all honesty, i get really analytical about it until i can realize that it’s only because of love that we can get mad or feel stupid in the first place.

3.Why should we teach to the whole person rather than to just a skill set? What benefits are there to this method?

good question, sir or madam (or anyone in between). would you rather teach a random group of pupils how to shoot a gun, or how to properly hunt dinner? or as that dude from the ted talk said, would you rather teach your child “sex training” or “sex education?”

the benefits are rather self-evident.

4.How do you feel about your upcoming project? What do you anticipate while working with a classmate?

i assume this question is about our portfolio rebuild. i feel like a website cannot do justice to displaying the potential of a human being, and that it is sad how important it is to “sell ourselves” in the society we live in. in brighter words, i am happy to increase my skillset so that i can apply the knowledge i’m accruing unto a greater purpose that may lead to better opportunities.

i anticipate learning more people skills (lord knows i need them) in the attempt to collaborate on something so damned cryptic and with so many branching methods at accomplishing the same task.

5.What benefits will there be to work with someone else? What challenges could come with this partnership?

two heads are better than one… for real though, seeing the same thing from another’s view is the main ingredient for insight. and insights are crucial in a field such as programming, where the right answer isn’t as important as the right question.

challenges include communicating what you have learned, and being able to decipher the different ways they approach the same problems.



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Michael Scoggins

Michael Scoggins

graduate of Austin Coding Academy. looking for a full-stack (MERN... with a flexible M) web dev position.